Stories from our customers, hear what their experience is like!


Top Food

Champaign, IL

“Ekey Technology is an effective marketing and digital advertising company.  Their service is great and thoughtful.  They have helped bring us many customers and their cost is quite reasonable.” – Owner of Top Food


New American Welcome Center

Champaign, IL

“Ekey Technology was the perfect partner for our first annual Welcoming Week Business Showcase. Residents across Champaign County were able to discover new places and experiences on Ekey’s mobile app throughout the week which featured over 30 immigrant-owned businesses in location-based advertisements. Ekey’s mobile app simultaneously elevated the visibility of local businesses while unlocking great discounts and deals for customers.” – Director, New American Welcome Center


Ekey Technology

Champaign, IL

“Ekey sends offers to the customer’s mobile device, and after the customer accepts the offer, Ekey sends a digital coupon with information on the specific offer as well as authentication data.”