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In order to get the most benefit from your EkeyValue app, turn on location on for both foreground (when app is in use) and background. This allows store detection to operate continuously, loading offers into your device. If you wish to be notified that offers are available, also turn on alert notifications. On IOS devices, this is done using the ‘Settings’ menu, sub-menu ‘Privacy’, sub-menu ‘Location Services’. Scroll down to find Ekey Value and tap to obtain the options. Notifications are in the ‘Settings’ menu, sub-menu ‘Notifications’. Scroll down to find Ekey Value and tap to access the notification options. 

On older devices, the GPS system does provide a significant load on batteries. For newer models, battery life is extended. Ekey utilizes an adaptive mechanism to reduce battery drain. Understanding that much of the value of the app is in location detection, location detection is performed using both significant change detection as well as GPS. When in GPS mode, the app performs a wake-acquire-detect-sleep cycle periodically that minimizes battery drain. This allows continual store detection without excessive battery drain.

No. Ekey uses a unique mechanism. Periodically, a location report is sent to the server, which is used to produce a map of Ekey participating stores, and which is then downloaded to the app. At that point, all detection is performed locally without location reports being sent. Only if you move beyond the map boundaries does a location report go to the server where it is used to update the map. When stores are detected, only the identifier of the store is sent to retrieve offers. No location points are saved.

When you press ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ your response is sent to the Ekey server where it is used to tag that product or offer. We will attempt to determine why you like or dislike an offer and use that information to tailor subsequent offers. If you receive an offer, and ‘dislike’ it, you will receive similar offers less frequently.

Empty tables are boring. When you activate the app, we search for stores within a specific range around you and load them into your mobile device. This allows you to see what is available close to you.

Loyalty cards are specific to you. In order to obtain a loyalty card on a specific store, you must go to that store and scan a QR code on a laminate. In the top right of the wallet page, there is an icon of a small QR code. Tapping that icon enables the camera to scan QR codes. Simply center the QRCode on the store laminate in the field of view and the code will be scanned, and a loyalty card created for you and send to your mobile device. Thereafter, your card will be available in your wallet. Moreover, when you enter a store, that store’s loyalty card will be on top of the stack ready to use.

The radar indicator is a map with all the normal mapping features (pinch to zoom, slide to translate, etc.) that overlays Ekey participating stores on the map. Stores appear as store logos in a small circle. Tapping any circle will return the offers available on that store.

Search is like radar except you specify the location and range and the app returns the offers in the area specified. Suppose you plan a trip to a distant city and want to shop there but aren’t familiar with the stores. Tapping the map drops a pin and specifies an area indicated by a blue circle. Pressing the ‘+’ or ‘-’ buttons expands or reduces the area. When you tap ‘search offers’, any offers from participating stores in that area are listed. The participating stores in the area are shown like in the radar and the local weather there is also displayed if available.

Tapping on the icon of a folded map with a pin superimposed brings up a map view of where you are and where the participating store is. Icons at the bottom of the map detail transport modes. Tapping ‘Drive’ shows the routes to the store from your current location and gives estimates of travel time. Similar route and times are available for the ‘walk’ mode and ‘transit’ mode where bus routes  are shown as well as next available bus time.

Tapping the icon (which is a representation of a QR Code) brings up a full size QR code. This can be presented to the clerk and when scanned to take advantage of the offer. This is a coupon.

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