Investor Information

Ekey Technology is a privately funded Delaware corporation. It has principle offices in Champaign Illinois and a presence in Los Angeles, California. Ekey Technology is affiliated with Research Park at the University of Illinois, Champaign Illinois. Ekey is a location and consumer preference-based marketing organization. When a consumer bearing a mobile device running the Ekey Value app enters or is near a coded location, offers are presented on the device. Advertisements are targeted to consumer demographics and preferences which are determined by response analysis.

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Ekey provides a total system including a mobile device app, deployed on Apple IOS devices or Google Android devices; back-end database and server support; and multiple client-facing web applications to support marketing and geocoding. Ekey also provides point of sale integration for its coupon and loyalty card features. Ekey’s business clients are traditional retailer, small shops or service providers who need help with technology and marketing and who have a difficult time understanding or implementing digital marketing. Ekey provides a simple intuitive web-based application that allow the client to construct the offers that are then delivered to the consumer. Ekey obtains revenue from clients based on a tiered monthly service or under an enterprise tier based on number of impressions or offers delivered. Ekey provides an alternate channel to print, outdoor, radio and television advertising as well as providing clients a platform for offering loyalty cards and coupons.

Ekey is seeking funding partners facilitate the next stage of growth. Our research and development have resulted in deployable mobile apps, client web applications, and substantial operating experience in the technology. A strong sales force is required to increase the client base and provide support. Ekey is seeking investment to recruit and employ salespersons, as well as to continue feature development across the nation. While the primary services are delivered online, client business relationships are developed through account and sales executives through face-to-face encounters and in person support. Ekey is focused on local markets, community, and bridging gaps between business and consumers. Ekey maintains offices with personnel to support account management, sales, customer service, and development and maintenance of the product suite.

Business clients utilize advertising and marketing to drive customers to their retail stores or service outlets and to motivate their customers to buy products or services.

The objective of any advertising campaign or promotion is to increase sales revenue for the least cost of sales. Ekey’s technology is designed to minimize advertising cost, reduce sales labor, and lower store overhead, maximizing sales revenue. Ekey’s technology allows business to:

• Generate promotions and advertising to drive customers to stores

• Do so at a substantially lower cost than other advertising channels and more timely

• Reduce labor costs by lowering per customer interaction time

• Generate offers at the precise time the consumer is most receptive to them

• Provide messages and announcements through push notifications

• Manage membership of a business and provide loyalty cards