IOS Developer Job Specification


Ekey Technology, Inc. is seeking an IOS application developer for full time employment to continue the development of several of its customer facing applications. Openings are

immediate and pay is commensurate with experience.

Experience Requirements:

  • Two years minimum experience.
  • Must have developed two (2) apps through deployment on AppStore.

Skill Requirements The following skills are required. Candidate must be demonstrate proficiency in the areas listed:

  •  Must be registered Apple IOS developer and familiar with Xcode IDE,  Apple TestFlight & AppStore release procedures
  • Familiar with and have used GitHub code repositories
  •  Have used CLCoreLocation, CoreData, CoreBluetooth, UIKit, Gestures, GCD with multithreading, APNS
  •  Extensive familiarity with JSON and ReST interfaces

Development Environment:  Candidate is expected to work in a development environment in a manner that is largely

 independent and self-motivated. The following are areas where experience and competence would be helpful:

  •  LAMP full stack (Ubuntu OS)
  •  MySQL database structures and SQL query language
  • Incremental testing and test frameworks for module and unit testing
  • Agile development
  • The ability to write documentation that is concise and clear
  • The ability to work collaboratively and verbally convey complex system concepts in a concise manner.
  •  Project management concepts (WBS, CPI, SPI, Gantt, critical path, etc.)
  • Software quality assurance
  • Android development experience
Work Conditions
  • Remote work is possible after an initial period of collaborative work with participating developers.