About Us

With Ekey, we are unlocking success stories and offers from local businesses.  Go Local!

Our mobile community platform shares compelling stories about businesses in the local community.  Our business clients can customize their stories and digital offers and can launch their campaigns at any time within any geofenced areas.

Ekey serves local small to medium sized businesses.  We offer solutions to enable them to cross the digital divide.  The Ekey platform allows business clients to run just in time marketing campaigns and personalize offers to consumers.  Our technology is designed to reduce advertising costs, boost ad effectiveness, lower store overhead, and maximize sales revenue.  

Ekey gives customers…


Information is useful and valuable


Information that is timely and location-specific


Information that is relevant


Great savings and fantastic personal shopping experiences

Ekey sends offers to the customer’s mobile device and allows the customer to retrieve a digital coupon.  Our clients also can specify digital coupons as one-time giving overall better control over the coupon process.   Customers will get great offers and coupons at the right time and in the right location.