About Us

With Ekey, business clients have full control of digital offers. 

Using Ekey’s proximity marketing solution, product displays become an integral part of your mobile advertising strategy. By placing a BLE beacon on your display, offers are pushed to the customer when they come within 2-3 meters of the display. The psychological effect of the product display is reinforced with the immediate possibility of a tailored discount.

Ekey gives customers…


Information is useful and valuable


Information that is timely and location-specific


Information that is relevant


Great savings and fantastic personal shopping experiences

Ekey sends offers to the customer’s mobile device and allows the customer to retrieve a digital coupon. Our POS redemption method cryptologically authenticates the digital coupon. Our clients also can specify digital coupons as one-time giving overall better control over the coupon process.   Customers will get great offers and coupons at the right time and in the right location.