Ekey Will Spotlight Different Local Businesses Every Week

Ekey Technology, Inc. (Champaign, IL) is launching a new initiative to spotlight different local businesses every week.  We are dedicated to help building local community, shift spending back, and promote local businesses.   

Download the Ekey Value mobile app and check out which businesses are highlighted.  Amidst the pandemic, our local businesses need your support more than ever.  Discover award-winning and international food scenes, services, local treasures and more.  Business information and offers can be sent when consumers approach or enter stores providing location specific delivery. 

Ekey invites consumers to visit local shops, order takeout from restaurants, and think of our community.  Share your pictures and experiences of using the Ekey app and shopping at local stores and post your experiences on the  Ekey Facebook page for a chance to win a $100 gift card to your Champaign County area business of choice by the end of Feb 2021

Gianni Zhang, Ekey’s CEO: “We have been focusing enabling shop local to support the community!   We offer digital solutions for businesses helping them cross the digital divide and recover from COVID-19 impacts.  Let us support local businesses and hope for a strong 2021!” 

Ekey Technology, based in Champaign Illinois, is a provider of location and preference-based marketing delivered to a mobile platform.  Ekey provides consumers with a better and more convenient shopping and dining experience and provides clients with the ability to manage their campaigns in real-time to increase their effectiveness and provide the best value for their marketing and advertising spend.  

Contact us today to learn more if you like your business is spotlighted in the community or run just-in-time campaign to increase your clientele and sales.   


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