Ekey Announces Release of Ekey Value Automobile Management Applet

Ekey Technology, Inc. (Champaign, IL) announces the release of the automobile management applet on the Ekey Value app.  The automobile management applet provides auto checklist to manage your own vehicle information, such as maintenance data, service history, etc.  When you have several vehicles at home among family members and are busy with other tasks in life, it is hard to remember any of the vehicle history and maintenance information.  This applet helps consumers to have better tracking of their vehicle and reminds them with important dates of services as needed.

Gianni Zhang, Ekey’s CEO: “The automobile management applet is one of the free features that Ekey Technology provides consumers as their daily life assistant.  We are expecting to leverage our technology to help consumers with better shopping experiences and daily life convenience. 

Ekey Technology, based in Champaign Illinois, is a provider of location and preference-based marketing delivered to a mobile platform.  Ekey provides consumers with a better and more convenience shopping and dining experience and provides clients with the ability to manage their campaigns in real-time to increase their effectiveness and provide the best value for their marketing and advertising spend.  


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