Ekey Announces Release of Public-Sector Marketing Tool

Ekey Technology, Inc. (Champaign, IL) announces a June 15th delivery date for a new client marketing tool targeted to the public sector. A client-side web application allows public sector clients to compose and schedule location targeted public Service Announcements (PSAs) which are delivered either to the public at large, or consumers who own businesses. PSAs are delivered to the consumer’s mobile device.

Gianni Zhang, Ekey’s CEO: “We use location detection to deliver information whenever a consumer enters a geofenced area, and our new feature provides public sector clients with new tools to make curation and precision targeting easy. Our cost controls on advertising also allows public sector marketing to remain within their budget. The COVID-19 recovery programs highlighted the need for such a service and Ekey is proud to address that need.”

Don Elmore, Director, Illinois Small Business Development Center at Champaign County EDC, observes:
“Our constituents, and especially our business clients need a delivery mechanism for detailed information. The current methods lack location discrimination and curation. We need to deliver factual and verified information on Rantoul resources to Rantoul residents, and information on Champaign-Urbana resources to the greater CU area. Consumers are trending more and more to text based mobile device delivery verses traditional email and websites.  CCSBDC needs another highly efficient channel to keep our customers informed.”

Ekey Technology, based in Champaign Illinois, is a provider of location and preference-based marketing delivered to a mobile platform. Ekey provides consumers with a better and more convenience shopping and dining experience and provides clients with the ability to manage their campaigns in real-time to increase their effectiveness and provide the best value for their marketing and advertising spend. Public sector entities and governing units are encouraged to contact Ekey to discover how this new capability can work for you.


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