Ekey Releases Client Push Scheduling

Ekey Technology, Inc. (Champaign, IL) announces client push scheduling. The feature allows the store owner to send offers to consumers anywhere in addition to providing offers as the customer enters the store. 

Gianni Zhang, Ekey’s CEO: “We display offers when a consumer enters a store.  Push scheduling extends our marketing beyond strict geocoded locations.  We can push offers to consumers selected from a particular area and still apply our full preference selection criteria to ensure those consumers reached are specifically targeted.” 

Some restaurants are remote from Campustown where most of their customers reside, such as San Maru Korean Cuisine.  Ekey’s push scheduling allows to send directly to the Korean customers’ mobile devices as well as geocoding Campustown in order to push lunch suggestions.  Based on these pushes, students carpool to drive out to the store location for lunch. 

 Ekey Technology, based in Champaign Illinois, is a provider of location and preference-based marketing delivered to a mobile platform.  Ekey provides consumers with a better and more convenience shopping and dining experience and provides clients with the ability to manage their campaigns in real-time to increase their effectiveness and provide the best value for their marketing and advertising spend.  


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