Ekey Touts GDPR Enhanced Privacy

Ekey Technology, Inc. (Champaign, IL) explains that its Value App is GDPR compliant and avoids common location-based app privacy concerns.

Gianni Zhang, Ekey’s CEO: “Our location detection system works locally. After a single location report to the server, we download a map of our client’s stores. Detection is done locally on the mobile device so there is never a bread-crumb trail of location reports. In addition, we give the consumer complete control of how we use their data, explaining the benefits and trade-offs for each piece of data used.”

Chief Information Privacy Officer, University of Illinois: “Consumers today are usually completely unaware of how much data they are exposing to companies. The opportunity for abuse of that data is always present. Ekey’s location detection mechanism works to limit the amount of critical data collected so the abuse potential is significantly reduced. Their Value app also presents the consumer with a complete picture of the benefits and trade offs of each piece of data allowing the consumer to choose.”

Ekey Technology, based in Champaign Illinois, is a provider of location and preference-based marketing delivered to a mobile platform. Ekey provides consumers with a better and more convenience shopping and dining experience and provides clients with the ability to manage their campaigns in real-time to increase their effectiveness and provide the best value for their marketing and advertising spend. Ekey Technology does not share or expose consumer data with any third party.

See Ekey’s complete privacy statement.


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