Looking for a better way?

Shop Local!  Share your business stories and transition to a fully digital end-to-end advertising and marketing solution!

Ekey Technology provides a service that understands customers and provides valuable, timely, and location-specific advertisements right to their phones.  We use business intelligence and big data analysis to help our business clients design targeted campaigns which deliver effective advertising.  We share your interesting stories and business highlights for your local shoppers.  To support your business and the community, we are launching video production and marketing service to engage with customers from across the globe.  

Our Mission

To provide to customers :

  • Compelling stories about local businesses
  • Digital coupons and deals
  • Location and time specific information
  • Virtual loyalty and membership cards
To give our business clients services that provide:
  • The most effective use of advertising dollars
  • Promotions for local businesses and community
  • Demonstrated improvements in brand loyalty and increased sales
  • A simple and intuitive mechanism for building campaigns